Welkome to “SL atelier voor architectuur”


Stefan Lakkas architect AvB BNA has been educated at the Academy of Architecture (AvB) of Arnhem and the High Technical School (HTS) of Zwolle. The AvB provides aesthetical/creative qualities, HTS the architectional/technical qualities needed to perform the profession of architect.

Our Office

Having worked at several large and smaller architectural offices in the Netherlands, in 1993 Stefan Lakkas started his own office “SL atelier voor architectuur” (SL studio for architecture). Since then he designs and realizes several projects in residential- and commercial-build. He can also give a colour- and interor advice or may develop a garden design.
Besides a new building the office can also realize rebuilding, conversion, rearranging, renovation, extention or upgrading of residential- or commercial-building. Also can be compiled a list of requirements or can be performed a preliminary investigation of the possibillities to project realization.


Architectural designs for a single family house, home whith a practice, luxury villa, bungalow, recreational home, house build above a shop, artists’ studio, residential building, apartment or loft.


Architectural designs for a office building, public area building, store building, museum, showroom, shop, restaurant, hotel, disco, warehouse, laboratorie or production hall.

Interior and externals

To complete our designs we could made an architectural design-oriented interior, garden or landscaping.

address information

SL atelier voor architectuur
Leenhofweg 15, 8161 ZM Epe
The Netherlands

tel: (0578) 61 35 18
fax: (0578) 62 11 10
e-mail: info@lakkas.nl